Sandra Evertson | SE6021C - Basque - Rubber Art Stamp

Sandra Evertson | SE6021C - Basque - Rubber Art Stamp

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Basque - SE6021C - Rubber Art Stamp 

(approx. image size 1/2" w x 1" h)

The MUSE stamp images are based on immediately recognizable iconic imagery, symbols we are all familiar with in some form, that resonate universally among people of every culture. Timeless insignias with unspoken appeal. Powerful, positive emblems that unite our cultures. Idealistic, anthropological images that belong to all of us and carry with them thoughts of love, hope, wonder, beauty, charity, truth and freedom.

Man has been communicating through symbols for thousands of years by way of rays of the rising sun, the all-seeing, all-knowing eye, the music of the spheres in the rhythm of a sacred burning heart beat, the Madonna queen of heaven, and myth making Milagros that charm and inspire. Early man read it in the cosmos and transcribed it as emotional art onto cave walls. Carpe Diem!


Basque: Flower of the sun. An old belief that the sun and moon are feminine divinities, daughters of the earth, to whose womb they return everyday after their journey through the sky. So much so that people used to greet and bid farewell to the sun everyday, good morning and goodnight.

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