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RubberMoon Art Stamps: Our stamps are hand crafted, red rubber stamps. Use RubberMoon to enhance and embellish your greeting cards, scrapbooks, art journals, mail art and whatever creative calling your imagination dreams up! We are an angel company. Our stamps are made in the U.S.A. with 100% original artwork designed by the many talented artists and illustrators listed here on our site. Known for unique and original designs, RubberMoon represents and celebrates creativity, imagination and whimsy.

Our Mission: To design and produce creative products that are made with thought and care.To innovate and encourage artistic experimentation and creative play.To thrive and sustain as a company and hold a place in the hearts and minds of our customers, through dedication, passion, trust and the promise of all of the above. ♥ 

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If you would like to contact us by snail mail. Here is our address:


RubberMoon Art Stamps

8633 Lonesome Rd.

Saint Paris, OH 43072