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The RubberMoon Move

I have been collecting and loving rubber stamps ever since I was a little girl.  My mom would take my sisters and me to Books&Co and we would shop for our precious All Night Media rubber stamps and ink pads and hurry home to create our own personalized stationaries.  During my college years I found myself working at 100 Proof Press making rubber stamps. Fast forward a few more years and I own 100 Proof Press rubber stamps. And now...


(stamps in this pic:  Judi, and Full Moon)

While I was just getting started as a the new owner of 100 Proof Press I met KP and we become fast friends. And I am overjoyed to keep pressing RubberMoon stamps , working with the RubberMoon artists and keeping the line of whimsical art stamps going strong. I have always been a fan of RubberMoon stamps - my collection goes back before I even knew KP. 

With the help of my family we packed up RubberMoon and relocated it to Ohio where my sister and I will continue to produce the beautiful, high-quality rubber art stamps RubberMoon has been making for years. 

Happy Stamping!

~ Sara