Wax Resist Sticks | Pack of 4



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Susan Scheewe Wax Resist Sticks are a versatile tool for watercolor artists who want to retain the background color (or underpainting details) of a watercolor painting. They also are ideal for creating shapes or patterns, and for adding special effects such as sunlight, water, texture — even words.

To use Wax Resist Sticks, spread the wax over the surface of white or colored watercolor paper, or even over a base color that has already been applied. The surface will resist subsequent watercolor washes wherever the wax has been applied.

Wax Resist also can be used to draw shapes or patterns, bringing texture to the grain of the paper or a textured appearance to the painting.

The luminous quality of the wax also makes it great for adding the glitter of sunlight on water, texture to an old fence, the splash of a waterfall or wave — or even a written message.