Escoda | Mixed Media Brush #14 Bright



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 *Kae Pea's favorite mixed media brush #14 Bright

Great for both watercolor and acrylic

This "Bright" #14 is a great brush for areas you need larger washes or strokes. 


The Escoda family has been making brushes for artists since 1933. Josep Escoda’s passion and insistence on making the very best brush continues today with his sons and now a 3rd generation which includes their sons and daughters.

The Escoda factory has produced over 75 million brushes. To this day, each brush is made meticulously by hand. The traditional brush making skills of Escoda, combined with a measure of modern technology has created a factory where brushes are made for artists with such precision that the process itself has become an art. The Escoda attention to detail has allowed the factory to be awarded the coveted and prestigious ISO 9001 certificate. This award recognizes the quality and the efficiency used to manufacture an Escoda brush.
• The finest raw materials available are used in each category of brush.
• A triple crimp, an exclusive trademarked Escoda design, is used for each brush. This ensures that the   ferrule remains fixed to the handle for the life of the brush.
• Each handle is perfectly balanced to fit each brush head size. The handles are formed to provide an ergonomic fit for the artist.
• Each brush head is “cured” in a way unique to Escoda that enhances the natural characteristics of the hair or filament. This locks the hairs in place and creates a permanent shape and increases the natural spring and resilience of every brush.

Virtues every artist needs-

"A sensitive heart, a good eye, a skilled hand and the best brush."                                                                                                                                   ~Anselm Feuerbach 1829-1880