July is World Watercolor Month

worldwide watercolor month

July is World Watercolor Month and to celebrate, Kae Pea will do a watercolor demo EVERY day for the entire month!

She will be LIVE on RubberMoon's Facebook page at 11:00* am each morning to share with you a small watercolor painting or technique.

Kae Pea is the Owner and Creative Moonbeam at RubberMoon Art Stamps and is a certified QoR® Watercolor Educator. 

She has a special affinity for watercolor and she is so excited to share her love of this beautiful medium with you!

She hopes you will get out your art materials and paint along!

Materials list:

1. Watercolor paints in tubes or pans. Kae Pea uses QoR from GOLDEN Paints.

2. Watercolor brushes. Kae Pea is using Velvetouch by Princeton- long rounds #8 and #4 

3. Watercolor paper or journal. Kae Pea will be using "Fluid" brand w/c paper 300lb cold press

4. RubberMoon Stamps (listed below)

5. 2 Jars fresh, clean water

6. Paper towels

7. **Misc.: Pencil, low tack painters tape, kneaded eraser, 

**these items may or may not be shown

*stamps used are all from RubberMoon.com. Kae Pea will be using the following stamps during the month for at least one demo or more. subject to change. please note list is not in any particular order.
kp7526b-bitty buds...kp7257-dashing too...kp5425g-dream maker....kp5130j-kp's pick....kp5129e-zen garden...kp5406c-burst...kp5142d-all around small...kp5422e-dotmaker...kp5152h-inksplat...kp6050b-dotstract...kp7199g-pasu(vase)...esh7319m-peacock boogie...esh7308f-blossom trio...esh7307m-wild...esh7305h-poppies...se6003i...epiphany....mm7163a-mini violet...mm7172c-sweet sprig...jh7537c-pattern vine...ml5617l-girl in galoshes...kd0gf-hippie girl...kd04d-cool artsy chick...kg7450h-shroom with a view...nk7065k-queen anne....sc103e-play...sc7485c-got legs....sc5225f-pig tails...
PLEASE NOTE: *Scheduled time each day is 11:00 am CST. May be subject to change. Notice will be given. Videos are NOT downloadable and will only be watchable for a limited time.
"I love creating for and with you from my heart.
I am doing these daily tutorials with you because I want to
share my love of watercolor and RubberMoon Stamps!
Thank you <3
~sending moonbeams kae pea
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