Creative Mark | ArtBites All Media Art Panels (5 Pack) - Assorted Sizes




With ArtBites, exploring your own creativity has never been easier! ArtBites are made from strong 2.3mm stock board mounted with a textured canvas paper that works universally for any kind of media. They can also be used for all kinds of creative projects including paintings, letter tiles, magnets, wall hangings and even pendants. Whether you like to create your art work with oil, acrylic, watercolor, marker, colored pencil, charcoal, printmaking, or even collage, ArtBites are the perfect surface for the project of your choice.

Key Features:
  • Can be assembled together to make a collage or for a mosaic 
  • Versatile canvas boards for a variety of projects including painting, sketching, stamping, block printing, collage, glitter and more
  • Sold in packs of 5
  • Small enough to take the pressure off of creating a masterpiece and can be used for simple, fun projects
  • 2.3mm stock board mounted with textured canvas paper
  • First choice for artist's quick studies
Perfect For:
  • Paints, colored pencils, markers, dry media, printmaking and more
  • Making small but beautiful works of art
  • Paintings, watercolor sketches, pastels other pieces of art
  • Collages or mosaics 


Available in 6 sizes. Choose which size you want from the drop-down menu.