Painting By Moonlight Class Kit | Celestial


$75.00  $100.00


Please note - you must tell us what ink pads you want in the comments on your order!! Choose any 2 colors! 

This class kit includes everything you need to create gorgeous stamped and stencils "paintings" with Moonlight Duo Tint and Hue Ink Pads! 

Here's what you get: 

  • SE7097L Astral
  • KP5340F Moon Face
  • EG5556F To Imagine...
  • KP5588G Celestial Solid Sphere
  • KP5406C Burst
  • KP5535E Marks
  • ML204G True Free Spirit
  • ML201H Make Beautiful Mistakes
  • MoonMail Exclusive Stars
  • DB2493F 8-Point Star
  • LTDE01 Happy Thoughts Text
  • Flock ATC Stencil
  • Doily ATC Stencil 
  • Ink Piks (25 pack) 
  • 2 Moonlight Duo Tint & Hue Ink Pads of your choice 

for a total value of $100. You get all of this for $75!