The MUSE Collection

Hello lovely ARTmosphere travelers! Today's blog post is a little different because one of our wonderful Spacecrafters, Kersten, is out of town! So until she's back (we can't wait!) we are using her blog days to talk about different things going on at the 'Moon (RubberMoon, of course!)


As I'm sure you all have heard or seen by now, we recently launched a new and very exciting line of rubber art stamps designed by the fantastically talented Sandra Evertson, who is best known for her line of matte resin blanks called "Relics and Artifacts". (You can learn more about Sandra and R+A here!) Her line with RubberMoon is called The MUSE Collection because we know it will inspire you to create!


While you may have seen the MUSE Collection on RubberMoon's Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest... ok. You've definitely seen them. We know! But you probably haven't seen Sandra's photographs of the stamps, so I'm going to show them here. (Be prepared: these pictures are almost as gorgeous as the stamp images themselves, and that's saying a lot! In addition to being beautiful and talented, Sandra is a killer photog!)






Sorry I just have to pause here for a sec to catch my breath... aren't these stunning?? 
Let's continue with some group shots...

Pictured from bottom left, clockwise: Burning Heart, Venus, Muse, Ahimsa, Dove Amor, Life is Art, Sol


Pictured from bottom left, clockwise: Milagros Charms, Fridafly, Ruby Throats (set of 2 - only one is pictured), Venus, Burning Heart


Just a few more, because I can't resist!...



Soul Sisters

 So, now that you've seen the gorgeous pics, what do you think? Are you more in love with the MUSE Collection than before? Or was this your first time seeing it? Let us know how you feel about the stamps and what they inspire you to make! 



Maxi Moon




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  • Sandra Evertson - June 30, 2017

    Thank you so much Maxi!! And now I’m bright cherry red blushing!!

  • Christina - June 30, 2017

    These stamps open an infinite number of creative doors!

  • Sherry W Matthews - June 30, 2017

    These stamps give me LIFE! They open so many wonderful possibilities … love!

  • Heather - June 30, 2017

    such a fabulous collection.

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