Stamping Abstract Texture Paintings with Heather Haymart

Supply List:




RubberMoon Stampstracts Stamps

RubberMoon Economy Acrylic Mounts

Ink pad

Art board

Offset Palette knife

Various palette knives

Wood Icing Texture Paste

Spray bottle of water

Synthetic paint brushes

Golden Acrylic Paint

Golden Glazing Medium

Golden Polymer Varnish



Project Steps

  1. Gesso your board.
  2. Trace your board on a piece of paper
  3. Stamp out some design ideas using Rubbermoon Stamps and an ink pad
  4. This will allow you to work quickly without your texture paste drying too fast for you
  5. Spread thin layer of Wood Icing Texture Paste on Wood using off-set palette knife
  6. This is the time to work quickly so the texture paste doesn’t dry
  7. Spritz texture paste lightly with water
  8. Begin stamping designs into the texture (wet the stamps a bit if they are getting stuck or pulling Wood Icing away from the board)
  9. Add more texture if you feel you would like to using a palette knife
  10. Let dry over night
  11. Apply Golden Acrylic Paint onto the textured surface thinned with water and or Golden Acrylic Glazing Medium
  12. Scrub the color into the texture with a medium stiff brush (synthetic works nicely)
  13. Wipe away excess color with a rag to bring out details in the texture.
  14. Leave some darker colors in the cracks and crevices
  15. Continue to paint until you are satisfied.
  16. Feel free to dry with a hairdryer between layers to keep the color from coming up.
  17. Let the project dry over night
  18. Varnish with Golden Polymer Varnish (follow mixing instructions on the bottle)
  19. Let dry thoroughly.





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  • Shari Acuff - September 30, 2017

    Love your work! And your videos. So fun to see all the layers of paint that can go into one piece.

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