Shari Acuff's Sun and Moon Mini Calendar Tutorial

It was hard to decide what to make for my first post. I decided to make a calendar using 4” square wood canvases and the Night & Day stencil, Wood Icing and acrylic paint. I intended to use just the sun but didn’t leave enough room for the calendar in the corner so did the second canvas with the moon leaving room for the calendar in the middle.
First I did a couple coats of gesso on each canvas then placed the stencil and did a coat of Wood Icing. I applied a thick coat to the sun, let it dry, and sanded out the rough spots. I did a thinner coat to the moon. I think next time I might go somewhere in the middle – not too much but a little more than just a thin coat, I like the added texture of putting a little too much on. I let the wood Icing dry then painted with acrylic paints. I kept adding more colors until I was happy with the result, I figure as the year goes by I can keep adding to it, changing the colors a bit until it is “perfect”.
Once the sun and the moon was dry I cut a piece of felt to use for a hinge. Make sure to glue the correct ends together, I did it backwards the first time and had to clean the glue off! I used tacky glue and applied it to each end and held it together to make sure it was stuck and let it dry. Lastly I used double stick tape to attach a tiny calendar.
Thanks for looking, hope you like it. Happy Stenciling!
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  • Jean Okimoto - June 25, 2017

    Beautiful design and a great post Shari!

  • Martice Smith - June 23, 2017

    Wow! Wow! Shari, your project is amazinnngg! I was surprised that you used wood icing…so unexpected! And that piece of felt as the hinge is perfect. The tiny calendar allows your work to shine. Brilliant project, chica!

  • Kristen Powers - June 23, 2017

    This is absolutely wonderful! I love it so much! Shari, I knew you would be awesome and I was right!

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