RubberMoon Stencil Texture Painting with Heather Haymart


Supplies Needed

  1. Rubbermoon Stencils
  2. Gesso board
  3. Wood Icing Texture Paste
  4. Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints
  5. Golden Glazing Medium
  6. Golden Polymer Varnish
  7. Black paint
  8. Off-set palette knife
  9. Variety of palette knives
  10. Variety of stiff paint brushes
  11. Paint rags
  12. Paper towels
  13. Water

Project Steps:

  1. Gesso board
  2. Spread thin layer of Wood Icing Texture Paste onto the wood
  3. Dry slightly with hair dryer.
  4. Place stencil onto board, apply texture paste onto stencil in an even layer and pull stencil away immediately.
  5. Wipe stencils and tools thoroughly between each use.
  6. Dry slightly with hair dryer.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 until the desired design is achieved.
  8. Let textured design dry overnight.
  9. Apply acrylics thinned with water and glazing medium and wipe the excess with a rag.
  10. Let dry overnight.
  11. Apply finishing touches to the color with acrylics and glazing medium.
  12. Let dry overnight when you are finished with color
  13. Apply Golden Polymer Varnish.
  14. Apply black paint to edges of frame.




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  • Nancy - September 08, 2017

    Love x 1000.

  • michele s - September 02, 2017

    wow! an amazing project! thanks for tutorial! xo

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