Kersten Christianson's Summer Mandala Project

Summer Mandala
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Isn’t everything better with a layer of Gesso?  After cutting a cardboard circle, the palette for my mandala, I apply a layer of Gesso while deciding if I want to paint or apply a collaged layer of decorative paper.  In this case, I decided upon the latter.
I tore a few sheets of text-based decorative scrapbook paper, adhered them to the circle with Mod Podge and trimmed the edges to the rounded border.

Atop the collaged mandala, I dry-brushed additional Gesso and turquoise paint to add a summer sky background effect. 
Gather summer flowers while you may…in July!  Mine happen to be rather bland at this point.
Using regular stamping ink or alcohol inks, dye each flower.  Set aside to dry.  When dry, I glued a shimmery blue sequin to each and glued each flower in a circle around the sun and moon.
Get ready, get set, go!  Here’s the fun part, deciding what colors to use to color in the lines of Kae Pea’s magical Night & Day stencil.
What I love about this stencil is that it’s easy to use.  There’s magical balance between the sun and moon, much like how it appears in the summer sky.  In this case, I chose yellows and oranges, a bit of red for the sun and blues for the moon, of course.  I colored in all the areas using watercolor crayons and painted using water. 
This is the step of danger, the evil paper piercer!  Watch your fingers!  I created an outer and inner border following the lines made using the Sharpie Paint Pen.  This would become my trail for stitching.
I found there to be just enough room for a bit of stamping, so I applied Rubbermoon’s text “True Free Spirit” below the sun.
A quick afternoon run to Ben Franklin and I found just the embroidery floss I was looking for, a sparkly blue to match the moon.  Note that I stitched a weaving border along the edge and a more standard circle inside.  Like the Gesso in the beginning, the embroidery seems to tie the project together.
Completion!  A sweet summer mandala to mark the passing of a fast-traveling summer and a happy jump back into art at my desk.
Kersten Christianson
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  • Kathrine Guerrero - August 25, 2017

    Your directions are clear, through and easy to follow. Love the result!

  • Janna Rice - August 25, 2017

    Yes, I can spell choice and my finger has a tremor today.ha!

  • Janna Rice - August 25, 2017

    Lovely piece! I really dig the Choi of using the tiny flowers!

  • Janna Rice - August 25, 2017

    Lovely piece! I really dig the Choi of using the tiny flowers!

  • Lizabeth Shake - August 25, 2017

    This is sooo awesome. I love it. Your directions for the project was very complete.

  • Kae Pea - August 25, 2017

    A celestial after my own heart! Love what you make!!

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