Invisible Patterns with Heather Haymart


Invisible Patterns with Rubbermoon Stamps and Stencils
By Heather Haymart
This was a fun project for my art journal. I wanted to play around with clear gesso and Rubbermoon Art Stamps and stencils and discovered this pretty pattern that shows up once I added color! I made a simple landscape but the possibilities are truly endless! 
  1. Apply white gesso to paper
  2. Allow drying time between each step in this tutorial
  3. Use cardstock to create hill shaped stencils
  4. Apply clear gesso with stencil brush and Rubbermoon Art Stencils
  5. Apply clear gesso with Rubbermoon Art Stamps
  6. Apply Golden Fluid Acrylics thinned with water over the dried clear gesso stencil pattern and stamped dragonflies
  7. Apply metallic watercolors to clear gesso stamped dragonflies
  8. Embellish with black Micron pen #2
  9. Apply Rubbermoon hot air balloon stamp with waterproof black ink pad and paint with various fun colors
Materials List
  1. Golden White Gesso
  2. heavy cardstock paper
  3. Liquitex Clear Gesso
  4. Stencil brush and various other brushes
  5. Golden Fluid Acrylics
  6. Metallic watercolors
  7. Black Micron Pen #2
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  • Kae Pea - August 09, 2017

    really love the way the stencils were used! What a wonderful page!

  • michele s - August 04, 2017

    what a gorgeous creation! xo

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