Heather Haymart Paints Rainbows with Rubbermoon Art Stamps

I am so excited to share my painting with Rubbermoon Stamps project with you today! Since I am an abstract painter of paintings with lots of color, my first instinct was to figure out how to use as many stamps as possible with as many colors as possible. This made me think of rainbows so I played with Rubbermoon stamps until I came up with a “rainbow” created with stamps. I have provided a supply list, but you can play with any variety of stamps to create your design.

Here is my process:

  • Paint ATC with Golden white Gesso and let dry completely
  • Measure for center of card
  • Apply first central stamp as the guide for the rest of the design
  • Stamp 5 more stamps following the half radial design using a different color for each stamp
  • Let dry completely
  • Color Lyra Aquacolors over the stamped images
  • Use soft watercolor brush to activate and blend the AquacolorsLet dry completely
  • Voila! Painted, stamped, colorful, ATC ready to share!

Check out the pictures and video below to see the process in action! 


 Supplies you will need: 

Watercolor paper

Golden white gesso

Rubbermoon Economy Mount for cling stamps

Rubbermoon Stamps:

- 3 Stars stamp

- Dragonfly Outline stamp

- Kre8tiv Elements Positive Half cup stamp

- City Doors Cube stamp

White Felt

Spray bottle water

Golden High Flow Acrylics

Lyra Aquacolors




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  • Patricia Ramos - July 08, 2017

    Beautiful project, love your creativity!

  • Kae Pea - July 07, 2017

    Love your rainbow! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  • Shari Acuff - July 07, 2017

    Awesome!! Love it. What a fun idea! ?

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