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Launching into the ARTmosphere, Part II!

Hello faithful followers of the Creative Spacecrafters Team! I just wanted to take this opportunity to wrap up our very first term of this blog, and launch into the next term by introducing some new Spacecrafters who are joining us on this wonderful journey! 


We absolutely loved all of the amazing ways that our artists and creators used RubberMoon stamps and products, from Heather Haymart's fabulous textured paintings, to Martice's wonderful, messy backgrounds for journaling! So, without further ado, let's jump in and learn about the team - some familiar faces are back, along with brand-new Spacecrafters!


Shari Acuff

Shari is our resident card-maker extraordinaire, which only makes sense as she is the Manager of both locations of Impress Cards and Crafts in Washington! She started out using her degree in Fashion Design as a pattern maker but took a break from the industry and never went back. She resides near Seattle with her boyfriend and their 3 cats. We are so glad to have Shari's wonderful, whimiscal talents on this team!


Kersten Christianson 

Kersten, a raven-watching, moon-gazing, High School English-teaching artist, hails from Southeast Alaska and is a published poet (you can find her book of poems, "Something Yet to be Named", here!) She is a mom to a 5th grader as well as one cat and two dogs. She loves to use all kinds of materials for her art, including stamps, paint, wind chimes, beads, sea glass, fibers, and more! 


Sandee Setliff 

Sandee is a daydreamer and a night thinker. She sees an opportunity in every problem she faces. Her curious mind is stretched by all the experiences life throws her way and what she makes out of them. She is sunshine mixed with rain, creating a beautiful rainbow. She knows that with the right attitude, anything is possible.  Her style is an ever-changing art form: breaking rules and following her heart, meandering through life with paint and paper, anticipating and participating as much as one person can. Her favorite things are using quotes and art journaling for herself, although she does make art for sale in the town she lives in. When not 'arting,' she is walking through the woods in North Carolina looking for fairies and gathering moss.






Martice Smith II 

Martice Smith II, aka the curly artista, ADORES all things grungy texture, saturated color palettes + helping other creatives add more artsy playfulness into their everyday lifestyle.

She gets to mess around with art supplies all day + juggles many hats as a full-time artist, designer, online art instructor + styled stock photographer. This all gets done in the magical city of Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Her current art supply obsessions are fluid acrylics + printmaking with stencils/stamps using a gelatin plate.



Instagram: @marticesmithart


Belen Sotelo

Belen Sotelo resides in sunny San Diego with her boyfriend/ biggest supporter, Patrick and their two cats. She’s a self taught mixed media artist, snail mail enthusiast and an avid documenter of life. She’s a liberal, introverted, foodie that spends much of her free time reading, gaming and engaged in her passion for making artsy things. She’s a perpetual work in progress… a student of life. 





Martice Smith II Shows How to Create Loose Backgrounds with RubberMoon Stamps

Supply List:

Small sketchbook


Paintbrushes (flat, round, fine liner)

Timer (set to 15 minutes)

Spray varnish, optional

Black + white paint markers or pens

Black stamp pad (make sure it’s archival and waterproof)


Mixed Media XO's

True Free Spirit

Step 1

Stamp the background with the Mixed Media XO's stamp.

Step 2

Apply paint using a round paintbrush. Don’t overthink it! Scribble the paint in three different areas to create harmony.

Step 3

Add additional colors. Soak the paintbrush with water and mix it in with the paint. Create paint drips, splatters and runs. It’s okay if you get messy!

Tip! To prevent your colors from becoming ‘muddy’, allow each layer of paint to completely dry before adding the next.

Step 4

Create a focal point with the True Free Spirit stamp.

Step 5

Add journaling and doodles with black and white pens.

Optional Step: Spray varnish to seal your artwork.

Stamping Abstract Texture Paintings with Heather Haymart

Supply List:




RubberMoon Stampstracts Stamps

RubberMoon Economy Acrylic Mounts

Ink pad

Art board

Offset Palette knife

Various palette knives

Wood Icing Texture Paste

Spray bottle of water

Synthetic paint brushes

Golden Acrylic Paint

Golden Glazing Medium

Golden Polymer Varnish



Project Steps

  1. Gesso your board.
  2. Trace your board on a piece of paper
  3. Stamp out some design ideas using Rubbermoon Stamps and an ink pad
  4. This will allow you to work quickly without your texture paste drying too fast for you
  5. Spread thin layer of Wood Icing Texture Paste on Wood using off-set palette knife
  6. This is the time to work quickly so the texture paste doesn’t dry
  7. Spritz texture paste lightly with water
  8. Begin stamping designs into the texture (wet the stamps a bit if they are getting stuck or pulling Wood Icing away from the board)
  9. Add more texture if you feel you would like to using a palette knife
  10. Let dry over night
  11. Apply Golden Acrylic Paint onto the textured surface thinned with water and or Golden Acrylic Glazing Medium
  12. Scrub the color into the texture with a medium stiff brush (synthetic works nicely)
  13. Wipe away excess color with a rag to bring out details in the texture.
  14. Leave some darker colors in the cracks and crevices
  15. Continue to paint until you are satisfied.
  16. Feel free to dry with a hairdryer between layers to keep the color from coming up.
  17. Let the project dry over night
  18. Varnish with Golden Polymer Varnish (follow mixing instructions on the bottle)
  19. Let dry thoroughly.





Kersten Christianson's Poetry Journal

Poetry Journal
#Altered Journal #Rubbermoon #Moleskine #Spirit

I am of the mind that one cannot have enough blank books around the house, so it was with great excitement that some arty friends and I busted open a pack of blank Moleskine journals this week to alter.  I started with a layer of Gesso.  Think sloppy, fast painting. 
Remember how fun it was to finger paint as a child?  Using a Gel Printing Plate is nearly as enjoyable and almost as messy.  Add colors of acrylic to the plate, blend using a roller, and lay down your stencils.  For this cover, I used the river and sun portions of the Mountains Are Calling along with the Centered stencils.  I was pretty happy with the bright greens of Centered, along with its placement flanking both sides of the journal’s spine.
Stamp CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE on a pretty blue piece of scrapbooking paper.  Trim around the outer circle.  I used my X-Acto Knife to cut the sky from the inner circle.  This allowed my bright acrylics to serve as a bright sky.  I even trimmed and adhered the tiny moon.
Once the glue is dry, add a layer of Mod Podge.  Next step?  Write and write and write!
Kersten Christianson

Halloweenie Dreamer Girl by Shari Acuff

Halloweenie Dreamer Girl
Supply List:
Inks – VersaFine Onyx Black, Distress Oxide Black Soot and Fossilized Amber
Black A2 card
Printed Paper 4” x 5 ¼”
Green Cardstock
Chipboard Hat
Misc. Ribbon, brads
Paper Spider Webs
Misc. Pens and colored pencils
I know it’s still September but Halloween is just around the corner and it’s never too early to tap in to your darker side!
Drawing in a little point to the nose and a wart, "Dreamer girl" turned into a witch. I stamped her in black ink onto green cardstock. Colored her in using pencils and various pens then cut her out with detail scissors. Added layers of ribbons and a brad to a chipboard hat.
For the background, I used a piece of printed paper and masked off a circle for the moon. Then sponged Black Soot ink using the Skymaker Stencil going across the top and then down making four rows of black clouds. I pulled off the mask for the moon and sponged Fossilized Amber ink using the stencil. Once the circle is colored, pull off the stencil and sponge a little more in a larger circle to make the moon glow a bit more. I had little bat brads and added those by the moon, you could also stamp some bats if you don’t have brads.
I glued the background paper to the black card and added the spider webs to the bottom cutting them off flush with the edge of the card. (I layered black on top of silver off setting them a bit to add more dimension.)
Lastly I glued the hat on to the witch and placed her on the card trimming her shirt if needed so she is flush with the bottom of the card.
Happy Stamping!

Martice Smith II's Stenciled Monoprint

Check out this gorgeous journal page project by Martice Smith II. This video explains the process step by step, so grab your paints and follow along! 
Gelli Plate
Mixed Media Paper
Stencil(s) of your choice
(Martice used "Paper Lanterns" and "Months and Numbers" by Kae Pea) 
Fluid Acrylics
Paint Pens

RubberMoon Stencil Texture Painting with Heather Haymart


Supplies Needed

  1. Rubbermoon Stencils
  2. Gesso board
  3. Wood Icing Texture Paste
  4. Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints
  5. Golden Glazing Medium
  6. Golden Polymer Varnish
  7. Black paint
  8. Off-set palette knife
  9. Variety of palette knives
  10. Variety of stiff paint brushes
  11. Paint rags
  12. Paper towels
  13. Water

Project Steps:

  1. Gesso board
  2. Spread thin layer of Wood Icing Texture Paste onto the wood
  3. Dry slightly with hair dryer.
  4. Place stencil onto board, apply texture paste onto stencil in an even layer and pull stencil away immediately.
  5. Wipe stencils and tools thoroughly between each use.
  6. Dry slightly with hair dryer.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 until the desired design is achieved.
  8. Let textured design dry overnight.
  9. Apply acrylics thinned with water and glazing medium and wipe the excess with a rag.
  10. Let dry overnight.
  11. Apply finishing touches to the color with acrylics and glazing medium.
  12. Let dry overnight when you are finished with color
  13. Apply Golden Polymer Varnish.
  14. Apply black paint to edges of frame.




Kersten Christianson's Summer Mandala Project

Summer Mandala
#Dreamwheel #Rubbermoon #SummerMandala  #TrueFreeSpirit



Isn’t everything better with a layer of Gesso?  After cutting a cardboard circle, the palette for my mandala, I apply a layer of Gesso while deciding if I want to paint or apply a collaged layer of decorative paper.  In this case, I decided upon the latter.
I tore a few sheets of text-based decorative scrapbook paper, adhered them to the circle with Mod Podge and trimmed the edges to the rounded border.

Atop the collaged mandala, I dry-brushed additional Gesso and turquoise paint to add a summer sky background effect. 
Gather summer flowers while you may…in July!  Mine happen to be rather bland at this point.
Using regular stamping ink or alcohol inks, dye each flower.  Set aside to dry.  When dry, I glued a shimmery blue sequin to each and glued each flower in a circle around the sun and moon.
Get ready, get set, go!  Here’s the fun part, deciding what colors to use to color in the lines of Kae Pea’s magical Night & Day stencil.
What I love about this stencil is that it’s easy to use.  There’s magical balance between the sun and moon, much like how it appears in the summer sky.  In this case, I chose yellows and oranges, a bit of red for the sun and blues for the moon, of course.  I colored in all the areas using watercolor crayons and painted using water. 
This is the step of danger, the evil paper piercer!  Watch your fingers!  I created an outer and inner border following the lines made using the Sharpie Paint Pen.  This would become my trail for stitching.
I found there to be just enough room for a bit of stamping, so I applied Rubbermoon’s text “True Free Spirit” below the sun.
A quick afternoon run to Ben Franklin and I found just the embroidery floss I was looking for, a sparkly blue to match the moon.  Note that I stitched a weaving border along the edge and a more standard circle inside.  Like the Gesso in the beginning, the embroidery seems to tie the project together.
Completion!  A sweet summer mandala to mark the passing of a fast-traveling summer and a happy jump back into art at my desk.
Kersten Christianson

Happy New Home Card by Shari Acuff

Shari Acuff’s Happy New Home Card


Moving is not fun but making cards to send friends and family my new address is fun!


Here’s what I used.


Stamps -

KP5546E Panes

KP5532E Sparkles

KP5501E Whimsy Ranch House

KP5504C Sweet Cheeks

NK5573L Running

NK5567F Love Knots


Inks -

Versafine Onyx Black

Distress Oxide - Twisted Citron, Lucky Clover, Cracked Pistachio, Salty Ocean, Broken China,  Faded Jeans, Peacock Feathers, Candied Apple, Peeled Paint, Walnut Stain


Other Supplies -

2.5”x3.5” piece of mat board

2.75” x 3.75” black cardstock

Blue A2 card

The Ultimate Red Rubber Palette

Ranger Multi Medium Matte

Watercolor pencils, waterbrush

Spray bottle, Paper Towels, baby wipes, scissors


I started by putting Oxide inks on the Red Rubber Pallette, blues and greens for sky and grass.  Once all the ink was on the palette, I sprayed it with water to make the color run together a little.  I laid the piece of mat board onto the wet palette and moved it around to pick up most of the ink.  Then I went back and put some ink directly onto the board with the ink pad to make the colors more intense, kept repeating until I got the color I wanted.  It helped to dry in between layers with a heat gun.






Once the background was done I began to add layers of stamps.







Then I stamped the house and little sun using VersaFine onto watercolor paper. Colored them in with watercolor pencils and went over with a water brush to soften the color.



I cut out the images and glued them onto the board.  Decided to add the “XXXOOO” to the grassy area to add even more pattern.



The blue card just seemed too plain so I stamped Running all over the in three colors just to make it a bit more interesting



To finish I glued the mat board to black cardstock and then glued it to the card.

Thanks for looking. Happy Stamping!